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The Gallery was established by Alan Baxter in the 1990s as a central London venue where individuals, special interest groups and professional organisations can hold lectures and exhibitions about the built environment. Many of the key issues on architecture, the environment and urban design are debated here.

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Monday 3 June, 6.45pm

Racism and capitalism – two sides of the same coin?
Café Diplo

Professor Gargi Bhattacharyya will argue that we can only address the urgent challenges of social injustice by tracking the inextricable link between racism and capitalism.

Tuesday 4 June, 6.00pm

Zone in, zone out, should boundaries be celebrated?
Academy of Urbanism

A lively debate curated by the Young Urbanist Network, in the context of the London Festival of Architecture 2019 whose theme this year is “boundaries”.

Wednesday 5 June, 6.15pm

A Manual for Towns and Cities?
Urban Design Group

What should the next “Manual for Streets” look like? Should it be like the current version, or is it time to address issues such as health and wellbeing, climate change adaptation, urban flooding, and so forth? Hear leading authorities on the subject.

Thursday 6 June, 6.30pm

Architecture on film: Turn End - the home and garden of architect Peter Aldington (2017)
Twentieth Century Society

The first of four documentaries by Scottish filmmaker Murray Grigor which aim to encourage conversations about the role of filmmaking in popularising aspects of C20 design.
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Friday 7 June, 6.30pm

To make riders faster - the story of Cervelo
The Engineering Club

Anna Dopico tells the story about Phil White and Gerard Vroomen, who took Cervelo from a basement workshop in Montreal to the pinnacle of triathlon and road racing, from her book of the same title. Anna is married to Phil White (one of the original Cervelo founders), so she has an amazing insight into the journey of the brand.
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Monday 10 June, 7.00pm

Cedric Price

Samantha Hardingham will talk about the work that went into collecting, editing, curating and creating the content and form of her book “Cedric Price Works 1952-2003: A Forward-Minded Retrospective”, published in 2016.

Tuesday 11 June, 9.30am

Sustainability of Traditional Buildings
The 2019 STBA-SPAB Conference

The sustainability of old buildings depends on their ongoing use and reuse. The Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) and Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) Conference & Expo looks at the latest research, current regulations and initiatives, and the skills training that enables our built environment to include a wealth of healthy buildings with heritage and aesthetic value.
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Tuesday 11 June, 6.30pm

Pitzhanger Manor

Judy Allen of Julian Harrap and Kristian Kominski present the work they carried out to piece together Soane’s original designs for the Manor.
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Thursday 13 June, 6.30pm

Architecture on film: Infinite space - the architecture of John Lautner (2008)
Twentieth Century Society

The second of four documentaries by Scottish filmmaker Murray Grigor which aim to encourage conversations about the role of filmmaking in popularising and evaluating aspects of C20 design.
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Monday 17 June, 5.30pm

Parks and people - stronger together
CPRE London

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn what other groups are doing on a range of key issues like organising projects and fundraising, working with greenspace managers and/or the council, promotions and social media, and much more. There will also be time for informal networking.
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Tuesday 18 June, 6.30pm

Self-shaping wood and material computation
The Engineering Club

Dylan Wood, a Research Fellow at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) at the University of Stuttgart, will explain how, with its partners, it has been exploring a new self-shaping process for curved wood components. This shaping is driven by the wood’s characteristic shrinking during the drying process. He will also feature some of the other projects from the Institute’s research into material computation.
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Tuesday 18 June, 7.00pm

Down the Burma Road
Ocean Liner Society Gallery 2

A look behind the scenes at the logistics of a modern ship, taking the audience from one end of a ship to the other, along the main crew working alleyway (which is called “The Burma Road on Cunard ships). With Alastair Greener.

Wednesday 19 June, 6.30pm

Improving the public realm
The London Forum

How can we make our streets safer, more pleasant and more walkable? Can we introduce more greenery? What are the lessons from recent projects in Camden and the City of London, and what should we be doing in our own boroughs? Speakers will include Cllr Danny Beales of the London Borough of Camden, who will discuss the changes in Camden’s West End Project, David Harrison of Living Streets, and Maria Curro, Project Manager at the City of London.
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Thursday 20 June, 6.30pm

Architecture on film: Contemporary days - the designs of Lucienne and Robin Day (2010)
Twentieth Century Society

The third of four documentaries by Scottish filmmaker Murray Grigor which aim to encourage conversations about the role of filmmaking in popularising and evaluating aspects of C20 design.
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Thursday 27 June, 6.30pm

Architecture on film: Mackintosh Redux - the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1968/2018)
Twentieth Century Society

The fourth of four documentaries by Scottish filmmaker Murray Grigor which aim to encourage conversations about the role of filmmaking in popularising and evaluating aspects of C20 design. Followed by a discussion and Q&A session with a panel of speakers, including Murray Grigor.
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Wednesday 3 July, 6.15pm

Urban Design and the Politician
Urban Design Group

Details to be announced.

Thursday 4 July, 6.30pm

Isokon and the Bauhaus in Britain
Twentieth Century Society

Leyla Daybelge and Magnus Englund talk about their new book Isokon and the Bauhaus in Britain. This illustrated talk will cover the story of the Isokon, and the artistic network and legacy of the Bauhaus artists during their time in Britain. Books will be available to buy.
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Thursday 11 July, 6.30pm

Wayfinding cues beyond signs
Sign Design Society

With Jason Bruges and Paul Arad.
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Monday 15th July, 6.30pm

The Life and Legacy of George Peabody: from Spitalfields to Thamesmead
Twentieth Century Society

Christine Wagg will outline the life and work of George Peabody, an American merchant banker and philanthropist, who founded the Peabody Trust in 1862 to “ameliorate the conditions of the poor and needy of London”. It will continue with an account of the work undertaken by Peabody, from the completion of the first estate in Spitalfields in 1864 to the ongoing regeneration of Thamesmead.
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Tuesday 16 July, 7.00pm

Revisiting Kumasi: The AA’s tropical laboratory in Africa

It is now more than 60 years since the AA helped set up the architecture course at the then University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. Ola Uduku revisits and reappraises the KNUST campus plan and its buildings.

Tuesday 16 July, 7.00pm

Famous ladies and their ships
Ocean Liner Society Gallery 2

Anthony Cooke and Clive Harvey talk about such people as Wallis Simpson, Maria Callas, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren and Lady Nora Docker and their connection with particular vessels.

Wednesday 31 July, 6.30pm

Children of Uncertain Fortune: Mixed-Race Jamaicans in Britain and the Atlantic Family 1733-1833
Friends of the Georgian Society of Jamaica

Professor Daniel Livesay, of Claremont McKenna College, California, talks about his book, published last year.
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Tuesday 20 August, 7.00pm

Ocean Liner Society Gallery 2

A presentation on passenger ships. To be confirmed.


Monday 24 June - Friday 5 July

“SAVE”: An exhibition of paintings by Gerard Stamp
SAVE Britain’s Heritage

To coincide with the launch of SAVE Britain’s Heritage’s 2019 Buildings at Risk Catalogue and featuring some of this country’s most beautiful endangered buildings - an exhibition of watercolours by one of the country’s finest contemporary watercolourists, all of which will be available for sale in support of SAVE’S work.
Opening Event and Buildings at Risk Catalogue launch Tuesday 25 June 6.30- 8.30pm. Other viewing by appointment. Enquiries to, tel. 020 7253 3500