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The Gallery was established by Alan Baxter in the 1990s as a central London venue where individuals, special interest groups and professional organisations can hold lectures and exhibitions about the built environment. Many of the key issues on architecture, the environment and urban design are debated here.

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Monday 4 February, 6.45pm

The impact of foreign interventions in Africa
Café Diplo

Dr Alastair Fraser of SOAS looks at how organisations promote their agendas in Africa.

Wednesday 6 February, 6.30pm

Debate: tackling London’s illegal air pollution
London RTPI and London Society

Hear from speakers at the sharp end of the battle to improve London’s air quality.
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Thursday 7 February, 6.30pm

Looking beyond the Bauhaus – Frankfurt. The New Frankfurt
Twentieth Century Society

Wolfgang Voigt describes how Frankfurt created new housing with attention to every detail of furnishing and lifestyle, in landscapes inspired by English Garden Cities.
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Monday 11 February, 7.00pm

Plant drawings at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
London Parks and Gardens Trust

Lynn Parker, Illustrations and Artefacts Curator at Kew, talks about the drawings held in their collection.

Tuesday 12 February, 2.30pm

Bus routes and sustainable transport
The London Forum

An afternoon discussion with contributions from TfL’s Geoff Hobbs and Hackney councillor Vincent Stops.

Tuesday 12 February, 6.30pm

Forum: the value of posterity

With Dean Sully, Robert Hewison.
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Thursday 14 February, 6.30pm

Looking beyond the Bauhaus – The European Academy of the Mediterranean
Twentieth Century Society

Ita Heinze-Greenburg describes a visionary project of the early 1930s led by Dutch architect Hendrikus Wijdeveld and French painter Amedée Ozenfant, with Erich Mendelsohn, to establish a multi-disciplinary school of art, design and craft in the South of France.
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Monday 18 February, 6.30pm

MArch Architecture Collaborative Practice Research
University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham part 2 students and partner practices present the results of their joint architectural research studies.

Tuesday 19 February, 6.15pm

UDG goes global – Guangzhou knowledge exchange
Urban Design Group

Members of the UDG executive share their experiences and findings from the 2018 UDG mission to China.

Tuesday 19 February, 7.00pm

View from the bridge Ocean Liner Society Gallery 2

A roundup of the Chairman’s latest travels.

Wednesday 20 February, 6.30pm

Oxford Botanic Garden: past, present and future
The Gardens Trust

Professor Simon Hiscock, Director of the Oxford Botanic Garden, founded in 1621, reflects upon the its history, its current status and its plans for the future. Book at

Thursday 21 February, 6.30pm

Looking beyond the Bauhaus – reform not revolution: German church architecture 1919-1968
Twentieth Century Society

With Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Professor at University College, Dublin.
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Saturday 23 February, 5.30pm

Cinemas of Gotland, Sweden
Cinema Theatre Association

David Trevor-Jones, relives the CTA’s recent group visit to the island. Guests welcome.
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Monday 25 February, 6.45pm

The global scourge of plastic waste – what is to be done?
Café Diplo

With Dr Stephanie Wright.

Tuesday 26 February, 7.00pm

Brazilian modernism

With architectural historian Andrew Higgott.

Wednesday 27 February, 6.30pm

Roller flour mills of London
Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society

With Mildred Cookson, who created the world’s first specialist archive of milling history from around the world.

Thursday 28 February, 6.30pm

Looking beyond the Bauhaus – Bauhaus goes west
Twentieth Century Society

Alan Powers assesses the global influence of the Bauhaus following its closure by the Nazis in 1933.
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Friday 1 March, 6.30pm

Film night: Turn End
Birkbeck Garden History Society

This film charts the development of the award-winning three houses and a garden, designed by Peter Aldington OBE, architect, in the village of Haddenham, Bucks., 50 years ago.
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Tuesday 5 March, 6.30pm

The planning system: broken beyond repair?
The London Society

Daniel Moylan, formerly of Kensington and Chelsea Council, asks if we should abolish London’s planning system and start again with a much lighter touch. Victoria Hills, Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute, responds.
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Wednesday 6 March, 6.30pm

Nicholas Hawksmoor & Castle Howard gardens
The Gardens Trust

Historian Dr Sally Jeffery discusses her recent research on Hawksmoor’s designs for Wray Wood, Castle Howard. Using newly identified drawings and other records, a picture of the garden can be constructed.
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Thursday 7 March, 6.30pm

Looking beyond the Bauhaus – optimism and ageing: Constructive art and thought in London and St Ives 1935–45
Twentieth Century Society

Rachel Rose Smith will discuss the meaning of the term ‘Constructive’ in London during the mid-1930s and its adaptation by Naum Gabo and Barbara Hepworth.
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Monday 11 March, 7.00pm

The Shirley Wilderness: an early ecological garden
London Parks and Gardens Trust

The Rev. William Wilks (1843-1922), developer of the Shirley Poppy, created a ‘wild’ garden on 2.8 ha. to form a paintable landscape. Its reintroduction poses questions of public access, therapeutic impacts and the essence of wild.

Tuesday 12 March, 2.00pm

Crossing the street
Urban Design Group and London Living Streets

How better design and management can help create people friendly streets.

Tuesday 12 March, 6.30pm

Colouring London – citywide metadata

Polly Hudson, The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, presents her project that creates a central database showing the age of London’s buildings.
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Wednesday 13 March, 6.15pm

Climate change
Urban Design Group

Continuing the theme of Urban Design 149.

Thursday 14 March, 6.30pm

Looking beyond the Bauhaus – Accents in Art: émigré artists in Britain after 1933
Twentieth Century Society

Monica Bohm-Duchen considers the experiences of the artists who found refuge in the UK from Nazi persecution.

Saturday 16 March, 5.30pm

An evening of cinema lectures!
Cinema Theatre Association

Two talks devoted to personalities who were influenced by their association with the cinema - David Vinnels on Philip Morton-Shand and Gerald Glover on himself. Richard Norman then looks at the CTA’s Digital Archive.
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Monday 18 March, 6.45pm

“War school” – the battle for the hearts & minds of Britain’s children
Café Diplo

A film about the UK government’s strategies promoting support for the military. Its maker, Mic Dixon, then joins Veterans for Peace for a panel discussion.

Tuesday 19 March, 7.00pm

Her Barking
Young Urbanists

Phillippa Banister, Small Grant Scheme 2018 recipient, leads a discussion on co-designed public spaces with a gender perspective.

Wednesday 20 March, 6.30pm

London’s lost railway termini
Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society

With Tony Riley.
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Thursday 21 March, 6.30pm

The development of London’s railways
The London Society

Why is London’s railway network the way it is? Is it still right for London? With Alistair Lenczner of Expedition engineering.
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Monday 25 March, 6.00pm

Lessons from the Netherlands: building for people not for cars
Transport for New Homes

In the UK, many new housing estates lack public transport links, safe cycle routes… and sometimes even pavements! Hear speakers from the Netherlands and the UK on what we can learn from the Dutch.
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Tuesday 26 March, 7.00pm

John Winter

With Jonathan Ellis-Miller

Wednesday 27 March, 6.30pm

John Brookes: his landscape legacy
The Gardens Trust

Dr Barbara Simms, Institute of Historical Research, University of London will discuss the gardens and landscapes designed by Brookes over 50 years.
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Saturday 30 March, 9.15am

Stitches in time: the embroidery of Beryl Dean
Art and Christianity, the C20 Society and the Textile Society

A study day on Beryl Dean, the pre-eminent ecclesiastical embroiderer of the late 20th Century, starting at St Paul’s Cathedral and continuing in the Gallery.