Alan Baxter are driving the practical implementation of sustainable design. We have long-standing experience in the design and delivery of sustainable buildings and masterplans, including many pioneering and exemplary developments. We have considerable experience in developing green travel plans to accompany transport assessments.

Social and economic sustainability are also central to our designs, and have been established in our wide range of regeneration projects. The firm has long-established values of reuse of existing structures, use of high quality new materials and adaptability of its structural designs to future uses, that all contribute to producing sustainable designs.

We subscribe to the Brundtland principles whereby projects meet present needs without compromising the position for future generations.

We have calculated our own carbon footprint and continuously strive to reduce it. Our transport-related footprint is particularly low and has been so for years before carbon use came into focus; a reflection of our intrinsic interest in conservation and best use of our resources.