Structural, civil and transport engineering services are a major part of our business. Our work is wide ranging from state of the art new bridges and large commercial structures to sensitive alterations to historic structures, deep basements and redeveloping major transport hubs. We work across all sectors from education to residential, and the arts to health and sports facilities.

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New build structures challenge us in many ways. Buildings are by their nature complex prototypes, which require coordination of a number of design disciplines. Exposed structures in buildings are part of Architectural expression and need careful thought and detailing. In engineering terms unseen elements, such as substructures and basements are equally demanding. Integration of services and ease of refit are important. The long-term value of a building is dictated by its structure and its ability to respond to future changes of use and occupation.

We have earned a reputation as a leader in our field for our work on existing and historic buildings, many of national importance. Our team of conservation specialists support our engineers in thinking strategically about how existing buildings and sites should be reused. We carefully tailor our work for each particular project, taking a holistic view.

We sketch and draw to help explore ideas and ensure a creative and economic response to the brief at the early stages of a project. We translate our creative engineering ideas into accurate production information and long-term records, which we store in our archives, using our powerful analysis software, CAD and BIM packages.

We explore how to build our designs by drawing out construction sequences, taking account of processes, trades and materials. This information is passed on to tendering contractors to facilitate their understanding of the projects and planning of the construction.

On all our projects our deep interest in the way our cities and urban environments work influences our thinking. This ability to think holistically and strategically has led to our involvement in major infrastructure projects such as the redevelopment of London Bridge station and Crossrail.