Coed Darcy, Neath

We are leading a range of sub-consultants to transform this former oil refinery into a new mixed-use development. This involves dealing with the many physical, environmental, economic and movement constraints in a positive and sustainable manner.

Coed Darcy will have a local centre based on a major transport interchange and approximately 2000 houses, offices and industrial units. We are also looking at ways of reducing travel journeys by use of quality bus routes, car pooling and local delivery systems. As part of our masterplan, we have prepared a design code to steer design quality within the development area. This defines areas of different urban character from the dense urban centre to the rural edge and surrounding ecological reserves. Thus the code gives parameters for land use, building height and placement and for the design of the different street types. The code will form supplementary planning guidance for all future development. The first phase is now being procured and built.