Hampton Court

The first parts of Hampton Court were built by Cardinal Wolsey in the early sixteenth century. The Palace is now one of the country’s leading tourist attractions and various sympathetic repairs and improvements have been carried out to reinforce its position.

Projects included the reinstatement of full height chimneys to the Great Kitchen, the refurbishment of former Grace-and-Favour apartments, the re-presentation of parts of the Tudor Palace to form a new tourist route and the detailed survey and appraisal of Henry VIII’s timber roofs over the Great Watching Chamber and Chapel Royal. We were also involved with the restoration of William and Mary’s Privy Garden. Our most recent project is the most significant new building at Hampton Court Palace for 150 years, the Clore Learning Centre. Many of the projects we are involved in are to do with visitors and visitor facilities – how people travel to the palace (including road signage), how they are received, and how they enjoy the whole journey.