Privacy and Cookies policy

Cookies are small data files which help to make websites simpler to use. They can help by remembering information you have already entered, or storing your preferences for a particular page.

About cookies

Cookies enhance your user experience by improving the interaction between you and the site. Without cookies, it would not be possible to use a shopping cart facility on a website or to remain logged in on different pages.

They cannot harm your computer as they are pieces of text, not computer programmes.

Cookies used on

The only cookies used by are those for Google Analytics, which measure how people are using the site to make sure it meets their needs and performs well.

The cookies cannot identify you personally and store no personal data. They cannot be used or altered by any other domain as they are First Party cookies.

You can find out more about the cookies set by Google Analytics in Google’s resources.

Further information

You can manage and delete these files yourself: to find out how to do this and for more information about cookies, please visit